Technology and quality care united to erase distance and time in providing healthcare

People, Process and Technology


Technology can transform health care but not without the utilization of the proper people. This is the core of DecisionPoint Health philosophy towards telehealth.

DecisionPoint Health provides physicians and support staff specifically trained in the challenges of providing care through the use of technology. Our providers, many of whom work in the federal space and are dedicated to meeting the needs of the underserved and economically disadvantaged, connect with patients as if they were in the room. All of our practitioners utilize best practices in their particular fields, and because we make sure they are an extension of the existing staff and not a detached division, patients are guaranteed an experience that mimics the culture and quality care they have come to expect. We can bring in additional staff or evaluate the efficiencies in your system and train existing staff to enhance their capabilities through the utilization of technology.


Our process is a differentiator. Our approach to establishing a telemedicine program ensures its success. Our first step in the process is to evaluate how the client can leverage telehealth to support the strategic direction and operational reality within their facilities and work flow, thereby minimizing disruption in day-to-day operations. We then work closely with the client to create a clear vision of the role telehealth will play. We align the telehealth mission and vision with that of the organization. We build and assess goals that will support the organizations priorities and strategic initiatives. Once this process is completed, we are then able to create a process for program development. DecisionPoint Health realizes success lies in coordinating and connecting people in order to develop a systematic approach.


We strongly believe that to be able to create a delivery system with the future in mind, you must be technology enabled but not technology driven. DecisionPoint Health's InstaClinic is a fully integrated, turnkey solution that is HIPAA-secure and among the most agile telemedicine options available today. Utilizing our systematic approach to evaluate the client’s needs we are able to develop a compliant, scalable and affordable examination cart that will bring the care directly to your patients. Moreover, as we are able to determine if internal staffing is the most advantageous approach for the client, we are also able to assess the current telehealth capabilities of our client and make the same valuations. DecisionPoint Health’s main technological goal is for the client to have the most efficient effective platform to support their individual needs. Our vast assortment of equipment options can turn virtually any existing space into an exam room