Delivering effective, cost-efficient, quality healthcare to
correctional institutions nationwide

Correctional Facilities

With a constitutional mandate to provide adequate medical attention to prisoners, correctional institutions are faced with the dilemma of trying to treat an always expanding population with ever shrinking resources.

In 2014, Pew Charitable Trusts researchers interviewed correctional health care experts across the country in an effort to find strategies to address these challenges, and employing telehealth technologies was one of the most frequently cited approaches.

Our virtual technology can increase access and reduce costs immediately. On-site availability minimizes risk from both a health standpoint and a security standpoint, in that prisoners no longer have to be transported for care. We provide support for facilities that already have onsite staff or a completely new and efficient experience for facilities that do not have onsite staff.

In addition to basic primary care, we have the ability to connect with specialists in any area -- from cardiology to endocrinologists to obstetrics and psychology and psychiatry. We can also provide educational and preventative programs in all those areas in an effort to address problems before they become medical issues. Immediate access will reduce unnecessary transfers and off site visits. Chronic disease can be managed effectively and at a reduced cost. Our telehealth programs can provide care that has parity with traditional delivery models.