Combining technology and physicians for the right prescription to
our healthcare needs

Department of Veterans Affairs

The care of servicemen and women and veterans, as well as their families, is never far from the hearts and minds of those they serve.

In President Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address near the end of the Civil War, he made it clear it was the nation's duty ''to care for him who shall have borne the battle.''

That was more than 150 years ago. The needs of servicemen and women and veterans and their families have changed dramatically since then, and so have the systems put in place to address those needs. Now, with resources stretched to the breaking point when it comes to medical care, it's time to take a new approach ''to care for him who shall have borne the battle.''

DecisionPoint Health, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business in partnership with GlobalMed, another veteran-owned small business, offers the perfect solution, using telemedicine to help VA doctors see more patients while reducing the costs, waits and travel times associated with those visits. Only this sort of broad-minded approach can cure one of the greatest healthcare challenges facing our country today.

We already have designed, developed, manufactured, installed and implemented more than 2,000 telehealth systems for the VA. Our telehealth solutions are in more than 90% of all VA facilities where telehealth takes place. Increasing these numbers will increase the availability and accessibility to the sort of high quality medical care our veterans deserve.